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Trying to find the right postpartum doula and infant care specialist could be a very daunting task, because of the limited resources that are available for many expectant parents, and families. This can be overwhelming due to lack of knowing where to begin.

A Mother’s Connection Center was birth in other to help the parents find the right care for their new bundle of Joy. Finding the right help should not be a task you should immerse in alone, at A Mother Connection Center we provide unbiased, evidenced-based support that is designed to enable the stability and empowerment of families, and this begins with doulas and infant care specialist that are professional, educated, as well as nurturing and compassionate.

We shine a light on the true value of postpartum doula support. At A Mother’s Connection Center, we take pride in understanding the parents and knowing their specific needs. A Mother’s Connection Center will make sure the needs are met and exceeded. At A Mother’s Connection Center, we connect parents and caregivers with the best care services in Houston and its surrounding areas.

At A Mother’s Connection Center, we will have the opportunity to support our clients as early as the first few days post birth. Our support often continues for weeks, months, and even throughout the first year of the baby’s life.

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Our Mission

A Mother’s Connection Center’s mission is to enable the empowerment of new parents and to help build their confidence, and to make sure parents have a judgement free environment. We simplify the lives of new moms and their families by providing the essential and needed services, making available resources and evidenced based care.

Our Vision

A Mother’s Connection Center’s vision is using the non-judgmental support to assist mothers and fathers in making the decisions that will help facilitate the mother’s and baby’s well-being.


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